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One time Billing and Misc

Vinod S
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We have a requirement in Flexible real estate Management,


1) How adjustment of bills will be carried out, in case of

lessee/contractee asked to vacant the rental object before contract end


Example: ABC company leased out the land to XYZ company for 10 years,to

the XYZ company was payed the rent in advance at once. Due to some reason

ABC company asked to vacant the land after 6 year 8 months. So wanted to

know is there any process available in SAP REM to calculate the amount to

be paid to XYZ

2) Is any interest calculation is available in the REM module, for which the lessee is not paid from the due date.

3) Is there any one time billing procedure without contract reference in REM.

4)For incoming payment (REEXF_28) there was requirement to hold, park and


5) Is there any possibility/function to calculate the contract end date

with respect to Year/Month/Week selection. Start date will be given by

the user.


Please let me know has any solution for above.




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    Franz Posch
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    Hi Praveen,


    I would kindly ask you to create a separate threat for each question. This helps to find already existing questions and answers.


    I would like to follow-up with your first question here.


    When the rent condition had been created with calculation period for the whole contract period then you can create notice and the difference is calculated and a new cashflow item for the difference is added and can be posted afterwards.


    Please create new threats for the other questions.


    Thank you.


    Regards, Franz