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SAP HANA / In-Memory Bachelor Thesis

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Hello Community.


I am a student and would like to write my Bechelor-Thesis about SAP HANA.


At the moment, I am considering about the structure and content of my Bachelor-Thesis.



I would like to write about the following topics:


- Technology and architecture of SAP HANA


- Advantages / Chances and Disadvatages / Risks of SAP HANA


- SAP HANA based Applications (like CO-PA Accelerator, Strategic Workforce Planning etc.)







I have to write about 40 pages.




Now I would like to know from you, if:


a) Are there any more topics you think I could write about?


b) Do you think it's useful to write about all HANA-based Applications (because there is not much inforamtion-material about it until now).





Thank you and best regards.