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Adobe Forms 4x6 Zebra Label

Andrew Whitehead
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I am trying to use Adobe Forms to print 4x6 labels on a Zebra printer.


The forms themselves are 4x6 in LiveCycle, and I am using the correct fonts and barcodes and all that.  The printer is set up with device type AZPL203 and I have verified the printer is 203 DPI.


When I print the labels, they come out blown up so that only about 2/3rds of the developed label fits on the physical label.  I can't figure out why this wouldn't be working properly especially since this is supposedly standard functionality.  I read in a earlier post that I need to shrink my content area to actually less than 4x6 because of the way the zebra printer interprets it, but that seems like a poor solution because it simply makes no sense why a 4x6 form won't fit on a 4x6 label.


Has anyone else encountered something similar with adobe forms and zebra?


Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.