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SNP Optimizer Issue

Ugameswara Rao Kollipara_SD
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Hi Experts,


We are working on SNP Optimization scenario with Transportation, Procurement, Strorage and penalty Cost. Our business process trading industry (we procure and sell). 


We maintained Optmizaion profile with linear and Primal simplex Algorithm. We took a sample scenario where our product has four suppliers with diffrent transportation costs maintained in transportation lanes. 


In SDP94, Optimizer behaving diffrently.


Case 1: When we run directly at destination location (product + Destination) level optimization running smoothly with out picking any transportation lanes, costs. Subsequently no purchase requistions are created.


Case 2: When we select all locations (Product + Source and Destination) and run optimization the following errors are coming which we are not able to identify the origin.



Error 1: Cost function 051MhWG07j6MwgLZXQcXSm not found

Error 2: Conversion from STD to EA for product WDE-MATL1A not maintained

Error 3: Error occurred when reading data


We checked CCR no errors are identified. Also there is no UOM called STD. We couldn't understand why Optimizer is proposing STD to EA conversion error.


Can you please throw some light.

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    S Nanda Kumar
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    1. Error when reading data- Master data issue

    2. Maintain conversion unit  from  ST-EA ( Am not sure, we have faced this in test system while running heuristics)

    3. Check in PPM whether you have defined any cost profile and assign a default profile in running the opt in /SAPAPO/SNPOP.




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    Vipul Shah
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    1. You need to select source location, destination locaiton and prodcuts to create Pur req using SNP Optimizer.


    Case -2


    1. In Location-Product master, make sure you maintained Non delivery cost of the produc based on demand class.



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      Ugameswara Rao Kollipara_SD
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      Hi All,


      Thanks for your prompt response. I have started using second option but still I am facing the above issues. I dont see any issues in OM17, CCR.


      Since my client belongs to trading industry, we dont maintain any PPM and PDS. We are running with Transportation, Storage, procurement and penalty cost.


      I really dont understand why and how system throwing STD to EA converstion error in the optmization log. I dont see any UOM with STD. Also what is source for other errors. Can any one throw some light?


      Thanks & regards