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Multiple rebate condition types in one invoice

Swati Pawar
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I had defined multiple rebate condition types as Y000, Y001 and Y002, which are montly offtake rebate, distance rebate and yearly offtake rebate.

Y000 and Y001 can be in the same validity period and also will be applicable to the same invoicee.

When i create a rebate agreement for customer for Y000 and go for the settlement of the rebate it is happening fine.

But for the same customer, i had defined Y001 as a rebate agreement type for the same period and materilal.

The sales volume is not updated in the rebate agreement. Evenif I do VBOF the sales volume is not updated.

the error that comes while doing VBOF is :

"7000158055 Document number RCFL 7000158055 2011 was already assigned

7000158053 Document number RCFL 7000158053 2011 was already assigned

7000158052 Document number RCFL 7000158052 2011 was already assigned

7000158054 Document number RCFL 7000158054 2011 was already assigned"


Please help me to solve this problem.



Mrs. Swati Pawar