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Producing report sections based on data with previous sections

Sam Corpe
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I'm designing a event tracking report where you provide the event number to the report through a parameter, which then gets the corresponding event data.

This then has to use the previous event number that was retrieved by said event number to get the next lot of event data and so on until it reaches a event that has a previous event number of 'NA' meaning no more events.


So my question is how can i achieve this within crystal reports?


I was using a parameter that could hold the multiple event numbers that resulted from a tracking search with in visual basic, and that worked fine, but i now realize that with another report that i have to produce with multiple starting events that all have to be tracked in the one report.

For this i was just going to use a sub report within the details section but because i don't know how many sub reports would have to be produced i can't allow for enough parameters to pass the list of events in the way i was previously doing it, thus i have to let the report do the tracking for me.


Google hasn't returned anything that would provide a solution to this problem, so any help would be gladly recieved