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Client Out of Memory in BEx 7.x

kishan P
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Hi Everyone,


I would like to ask a question that has been asked many times here. I probably also know the replies Im going to get, but Im just hoping against hope of finding a satisfactory alternative.


We have a few BEx reports here, that need to display more than 65K rows. So here are the steps we followed:

- Create these BEx queries in 7.x version.

- We also have Excel 2007 version to go with it.

- We have also installed the patch bw350gui710_6-10004473.exe

- The OS is 64 bit too.

- I've read Note 1040454 and I know there's a 750,000 data-cell limitation in the BEx reports.

- Our BEx Report has 54 columns. Somewhere I read there's a 36 column limitation (but I couldn't find a supporting Note for it)

- I was told that running the Report through RSRT is also a no-go.

- I've not yet found a Note that has a solution for this problem.

- Restriction through Selection screen is not an accepted solution for the client.


So here are my Questions:

- At the risk of being branded a bad-searcher, I'd like to ask if SAP has already come out with a fix for this issue?

- As an alternative, would an ABAP report suffice? - Im worried about Performance Issues here.

- What about BI Accelerator? Will that solve the issue?




PS: Any other alternative solutions?

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    Brian Keenan
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    No chance


    You need to explain to the customer that BEX reporting is not designed for mass data transfer.


    65K rows = 35 columns will never work.   BIA wont help either as BIA is is good at searching through a large number of records but will also not return large volumes like this.

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      kishan P
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      Thanks Brian. I feared so. By the way, would you have the OSS Note that talks about the 36 (or is it 35) column limitation? I just can find it


      But it is no use trying to convince the Client to cut down on the columns. Actually they cannot, since this data is used to upload into an Oracle Server as-is. So no chance they will accept that.


      Another option Im exploring is the Open Hub Destination. I can download data into a .csv file alright. But since some of the free text columns have commas and semi-colons, my csv format is going for a toss.


      So far I've only tried with a comma separator and that doesnt seem to work. A semi-colon separator, I believe, will also not give a proper format in Excel. Am I correct? (I will be checking this very soon though)


      Any work-around for this?



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        kishan P
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        So, the OHD option has been shot down by the Client for its formatting issues. Im hopping on to APD (Analysis Process Designer). But before I try that, can somebody please confirm if by using it, I can Export more than 65K lines?


        I've so far not read anywhere that APD can export more than 65K rows into Excel. Any ideas on that?



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          kishan P
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          Sorry for the delayed update.


          After the Client threw OHD out of the window, I moved on to APD (Analysis Process Designer). Here again I faced a few issues. Most annoying being the difference between the number of records fetched through APD and those present in the List Cube.


          Though I was able to display a few lakh records, the difference between the two were in thousands - rendering it highly unreliable. After spending umpteen hours trying to figure out the cause for the differnce in the numbers and making no headway, I've given up on APD and so did the Client.


          So finally as a last resort, as per the Client's orginal Plan B we have turned to an ABAP program for the much-needed magic. Probable performance issues are what kept us away from taking that route so far. But having exhausted(?) all other avenues, we are heading that path.


          The ABAP is ready, and is undergoing testing in our Quality system. Will keep you updated on it's going-ons.



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            Jordan Lazarus
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            Hi Kishan,


            We are facing the same issues in our project regarding few reports which have a very high volume and also the selections are limited. We often get the client out of memory error while trying to execute these reports.


            ABAP program would be the best in this case since we need the output to be in a format which is ready-to-upload to oracle.


            Using this approach we can write the required data to the file in any required format. And also use any delimiter we wish (even though i've not tried it).


            Keep us posted





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