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See all BP contacts in email recipient first screen

Martin Lewis
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When emailing out of SAP using the tool bar icon, it auto-populates the BP's default contact name in the email 'to' box. Is it possible for the email box to return 'all' BP contacts so that the user may choose which BP contact is most relevant?




All the BP Contacts are available in a list when you click the "Add Recipients" button on the bottom, then chosse the BP tab.




Thankyou for you comments but there's a problem. Instead of all the BP's contacts being readily available on the first screen your solution actually takes over 12 clicks to pick another contact from the same BP. (add recipientcontact tabBPsearch (6clicks)range & select (3clicks))


It seems a bit cumbersome especially when, as you say, the functionality is there under 'add recipients'.


Can we have the same list when you select a contact froma BP using 'add a new recipient' in the first email selection screen?