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Start BPM process from ABAP report. Need some investigations.

Kirill Zhuklinets
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Hi there!


I have to start a BPM process from ABAP report. I found an article http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/10d75b45-7fef-2b10-bc8e-c6012e0a9457?QuickLink=index&overridelayout=true and have done everything it describes but the process doesn't start.


What I've done:


1) Created a service proxy in SE80.

2) Created a logical port in SOAMANAGER.

3) Write a code to start a WebService in ABAP Report.

But when I start a program nothing happens, no errors.


What analysis I did:

1) See logs and traces in SOAMANAGER - there is nothing appears after I start the report.

2) Tried to test connection to my WebService in SM59 - the connection works, but it use a POST method instead of GET:

  Error: com.sap.engine.services.webservices.espbase.server.additions.wsa.WSAddressingException: com.sap.SOA.wsr.030104 - Expected request method POST. Found GET.

But I think it is OK and from the report it use a right method.

3) Tried to delete a logical port - the error of communication problem appears. So it means that all settings are right.

4) No logs in NWA logs


My thoughts - if there is not any errors and no result, it can be because the user authorization. E.g. it tried to start a process by a user who doesn't have SAP_BPM_SuperAdmin role. But I can't find a way how to check what really happens. So I want to ask for a help, colleagues:).