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/564(Advance payment) created. Need advise how to handle it

Srini Nadendla
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          I have a scenario in one of the pay period /564(Advance payment) generated and it is shown in the Rem Statement.   I have verified in the payroll results that /559 and /564 has the same amount for all the perners(About 1500).    Can anyone please advise how to handle this issue.   I have ran the simulation payroll for next pay period for one of the Perner, /564 not generated but /564 shown in the YTD amount(previous pay period amount)..   Please advise how to handle this.





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    Rémi Corriveau
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    WT /564 will be generated when you generate your Bank Transfer File (and perhaps when you print your cheques but I can't be sure since we never print any cheques for payroll) and you re-execute Payroll Calculation.

    When payroll was re-calculated, there could have been some new payments or claims generated, so you should look for these.  If required, you'll need to generate a second Bank Transfer File for these extra payments (even if they are only for a few cents).

    You may have some fun printing your Remuneration Statements since it is usually programmed to look at WT /560 (and it will not find it for those 1500 employees).  For these employees, you'll have to modify your input parameters so that a PaySlip is printed even if there is no /560.  On your selection screen, in the "Parameters for remuneration statement" section, for parameter "Print current period", try using "A" (A form is always printed for the payroll period).

    Other than that, you should not have anything to do.