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Different labels for a textview based on component usage

Uday Mr
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We are on SAP E-Recruiting EHP5 and we have a requirement wherein the label of a textview in a view needs to be dynamicaly controlled. The candidates personal data page (view VW_PERSONALDATA of component HRRCF_C_PERSONL_DATA_UI) gets displayed both:


1) When the candidate is signing up on the portal to create his profile

2) On the application page while the candidate is applying against a particular position


Now case 1 is a straightforward one. I set the label to a OTR and it just works fine. Case 2 is where the problem occurs. When the candidate applies against a particular position the standard SAP roadmap comes up with the view VW_PERSONALDATA of component HRRCF_C_PERSONL_DATA_UI as its 1st step. So now how can I set a different label for the textview in this particular case coz the navigation happens dynamically through prepare_dynamic_navigation( ). Appreciate your inputs on this one.





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    Ajoy Chakraborty
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    Hi Uday,


    Please try to create it dynamically.




    METHOD wddomodifyview.
    *-Data declaration
      DATA: root        TYPE REF TO cl_wd_uielement_container,
            page_header TYPE REF TO cl_wd_page_header.
    *-Get reference to Root UI Element Container
      root ?= view->get_element('ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER').
    *-Creating page header
      page_header = cl_wd_page_header=>new_page_header( title = 'Page Header' ).
      cl_wd_flow_data=>new_flow_data( element = page_header ).
    *-Add new page header to ROOT Element Container
      root->add_child( page_header ).