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Error message while creating Overwrite exit for a standard class method.

Mahesh Nair
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   I was trying to create an overwrite exit in class CL_HRTMC_AC_TA_DASHBOARD for method GET_DEVPLAN_ASSESSMENTS. I created an Enhancement Implementation first. But when I tried to insert Overwrite exit method, I got error message that "The class has not yet been converted to the new class-local types" . In the toolbar->Utilities, I saw an option "Convert Class-local types" and when I clicked that it asked for the Access key. Eventhough I cancelled the process, now I am seeing some inactive parts in from this class in my Inactive object list. When I try to activate, it's again asking for access key and not able to activate it.  Not sure what has actually happened. Is it possible to revert it to old form? Please advice!



Mahesh Nair.