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Config for PO Confirmation from ECC to SNC?

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Hi Gurus


I know PO confirmation flows from SNC to ECC in standard system.


But for cutover actvity, we need to transfer , first PO's from ECC to SNC and then PO confirmation from ECC to SNC.


Thus want to know if there is any config in ECC to do this or any BADI needs to be activated? Pl suggest.




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    Nikhil Pandya
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    Hi Vipin,


    In SNC you can have setting for PO confirmation as optional/not allowed which means confirmation of PO is not manadatory.


    Once you do above setting which means no need of confirmation from supplier side and you can just transfer the PO to SNC.


    Now if customer requirement is that ASN creation is must then you can define ASN confirmation Mandatory/optional then supplier can create ASN from SNC.


    So depending upon client requirement you can have PO confirmation and ASN confirmation mandatory/Optional/Not allowed.




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    Mruthyunjaya (MJ) Shankarappa
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    Hi Vipin,



    Here is what we did in our Client Implementation.  We developed a report to get the Open Po report for each Vendor.  We pushed the PO to SNC.   We got a buy in from Supplier that, all PO past Due will be confirmed during Cut over. 


    Here is my suggestion for Cutover:

    1. Generate Open PO report either Custom report or Query by join of Ekko, EKPO, EKET, etc..

    2. U need to have PO that are open for Confirmation, PO open for ASN lsit.

    3. Push PO to SNC.

    4. Confirm all POs open for ASN.

    5. Educate Supplier on the above approach.



    Though your 95% of PO can be assured (SNC-ECC in Sync) but still 5% will be Variance due to material in Transit.


    Hope this help.