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UoM in Delivery Confirmation

Dominik Ley
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Dear Gurus,


I would like to know how the system determines which unit of measure to use at delivery confirmation.


Scenario: Two step plant to plant transfer:

If the material is a measured in volume, the material document corresponding to delivery confirmation (entry in storage locaction and gain/loss posting) is in L60, while if the material is weighed, it is posted in KG. This happens every time, without mattering which UoM I used in O4H1. Example: O4H1 is executed with L but material document is posted in L60. Another example: Document flow of STO, outbound delivery and bulk shipment is in L, delivery confimation in L, but posting of material document is in KG.


Do you know what is the criterion for the system to decide whether posting is in L60/KG? Does it depend on material master data (base unit of measure) or is there any Customizing configuration (I could not find any...)?


Thank you very much in advance for your kind help


Dominik Ley