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FM account assignment NOT_RELEVANT/1001010000/9100400000/4900770000/1000000

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I have been getting the below error when I am trying to post the document:


FM account assignment NOT_RELEVANT/1001010000/9100400000/4900770000/1000000000/NOT_RELEVANT cannot be posted in posting ledger 9A

Message no. FMBS123



The budget structure settings do not allow posting to the FM account assignment  NOT_RELEVANT/1001010000/9100400000/4900770000/1000000000/NOT_RELEVANT. The check of the budget structure ended with the return code 1.


The system recognizes the following return codes for the check of posting addresses:


Return code 1:

The option of check of posting addresses is check posting address list only or check both addresses(posting and derived budget addresses). However, FM account assignment NOT_RELEVANT/1001010000/9100400000/4900770000/1000000000/NOT_RELEVANT is missing in the budget structure. Insert this account assignment in the budget structure for the posting ledger 9A.

Return code 2:

The option of check of posting addresses is check derived budget address only or do not check addresses, but the validation of posting addresses does not allow posting on this address. Check the implementation of the Business Add-In (BAdI) Validate Budget and Posting Addresses in BS.

Return code 3:

The FM account assignment NOT_RELEVANT/1001010000/9100400000/4900770000/1000000000/NOT_RELEVANT leads to a conflict when you define a grouping key within the context of the budget structure. Check the implementation of the Business Add-In (BAdI) Define Grouping Key.

Return code 4:

The derivation strategy used for deriving the budget address from the posting address derives an invalid budget address. You can use the program for displaying of budget structure settings to find out which derivation strategy is used. Check the Derivation Strategy for Budget Addresses in Customizing. This error may also be caused by inconsistent customizing of active FM account assignment elements in BCS and FM. This can be checked in IMG activity Activate Account Assignment Elements in Budget Control System.

System Response

Processing stops.



Check the budget structure settings according to the given return code.


Could someone help me.  I went through the sdn help and did the required changes.  But, still it is having the same problem.  Can someone help me?