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Changing Inspection Lot Quantity

Bruce McKeldin
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Hi Guru's,


Need a small bit of help.


I created a Sample manually with 11 ea's. I used transaction QPR5 to created an Inspection Lot from this Sample. The Inspection Lot that was generated has a Quantity of 11. (This is not an issue).


The issue is....I realized that I only have 9 pieces (EA's) and not 11.  I have went into the Physical Sample (QPR2) and changed the amount from 11 to 9.  Of course this doesn't update the Inspection Lot. I went into the Inspection Lot itself (QA02) and tried to correct the actual quantity of the Lot.


When I went into QE51n. The Inspection Lot is still reflecting the original quantity of 11.


Can someone please help me fix this? I am hoping I do not have to cancel the Inspection Lot and generate a new one.