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Inappropriate behaviour by Moderator

Ganapathi Prasad Tuttagunta
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I am  new contributor on SDN Master Data Management forum.


One of my reply was edited in a very poor manner by ABAP moderator "Kishan P" on SAP Master Data Management Forum.


My understanding about the SDN Forums is: It is a place where a person post his/her question and we consultants try to find a solution by providing the best answer and be awarded with the points if the person finds the Answer as helpful, which would act as a motivation for contributors. Correct me if I am wrong..??


Yesterday I was clearing the doubts one of the user by replying to one of the questions on MDM Forum . In my reply, I added a point at the end as "Please Reward points if Helpful" by which, I meant that IF my answer is helpful for the user then he/she can reward the points and I believe this is not wrong. I have also seen a number of contributors adding similar lines at the end of their reply on number of threads.


Later on my reply was very poorly edited by Krishna P. He replaced my comment "Please Reward points if Helpful" with <<point-begging removed>>. This sounds very unprofessional of Kishan P since my sentence ("Please Reward Points IF helpfull) clearly says that i was not Begging for points.


Please have a look at the MDM Forum "MDM Integration with MDG" once


[MDM integration with MDG|MDM integration with MDG;




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    Ethan Jewett
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    Out of curiosity, did you read the "Rules of Engagement" that are posted at the top of every forum in a permanent post? Did you see the part called "Do not ask for points"? To quote:


    Do not ask for points - This forum should be firstly about information exchange; points are an incentive and a way of saying thanks.

    Asking for points is like asking someone to say "thank you": The only time we do this in real life is when teaching a child good manners. Saying it to an adult is insulting, so why do it in the forums? If someone keeps asking questions without awarding points, simply stop answering them or use the abuse button to report it.


    It seems pretty clear to me that your behavior breaks the rules. I'd just re-read the rules and be more careful to follow them next time.


    Here's a link to the Rules of Engagement that this quote was taken from: [https://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/HOME/RulesofEngagement]


    That said, I also agree that the change by the moderator was a bit unprofessional, though perhaps the connotation of the word "begging" were not completely clear to him. He'll have to clear that up. In my opinion, these sorts of changes should be made in a way where it is clear that the change was made by a moderator and the change must absolutely not insult anyone, which the use of "begging" certainly could. If it were me, I would have just deleted your entire post and sent you a warning asking you to repost, but maybe that's why I'm not a moderator




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      Ganapathi Prasad Tuttagunta
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      Thank you Ethan/Thomas,


      I was not aware that such line should not be included. next time ill make sure not to include such line in my replies.


      What hurt me is the Inappropriate language used by moderator, instead who could have warned me not to include such lines.


      Should i report the reply which was edited by Moderator as Abuse? will the post be deleted if i click abuse? when i click on abuse whom does it go to? and do i need to mention the reason? will any action be taken?




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    Thomas Zloch
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    Going forward, please do not ask for points in your replies. Likewise, those who are starting threads should not offer points. Both cases violate forum rules and should be removed by moderators. If you see such texts that have not been removed yet, please use the yellow triangle button to alert moderators. This way you are also contributing to the community.


    In general it should be left at the discretion of the original poster to assign points for helpful replies. SCN aside, in real life it is somewhat barefaced to ask for reward after helping somebody, wouldn't you agree?


    Finally, as a new contributor you might not have witnessed the "dark side" of the points system yet, which manifests itself in spec dumping, requirements outsourcing, interview/exam questions, FAQs as questions and single links, link farms, copy/pasted (i.e. stolen) texts, irrelevance and vagueness as replies, not to mention cheating and points gaming. Reactions of moderators who are working hard since many years to keep these effects in check might seem a bit harsh at times to the fresh eye. Again you could boost your overall contributions by reporting such questions or replies.



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    kishan P
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    Forgive me if my comment sounded rude - it was not intended to be. Most of us Moderators use that phrase since... well... there's no better way of putting it.


    The sentence that you have used in that post has been banished from the forums (a long time ago) and considered evil. It sounds equally unprofessional as how you found my counter-statement.


    In future, please try to avoid making that statement, even as I would try not making mine.




    PS: By now I hope you have read the Rules of Engagement of the forums

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    Rob Burbank
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    I believe I'm the moderator who came up with the phrase and have been using it for some time now. I don't recall seeing any objections to it to date except for this. It's not meant to be rude, but it is meant to get your attention.


    But if there is a general consensus I, and probably the rest of the moderators, would agree to change it.