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help with SAP CRM Mail Forms

Abdul Rafey Mohammed
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Hi All,


The client I am working with at the moment uses SAP CRM 7.0 and has the following requirements for their email marketing campaigns:


Required functionality:

u2022     Drag and drop / copy and paste functionality for creating and changing mail forms.

u2022     Insert pictures and add hyperlink to the image. Add custom tags or parameters to the images and the hyperlink. Being able to change everything afterwards.

u2022     Insert hyperlinks and change them

u2022     Open and click through tracking for hyperlinks and u201Cpictures as hyperlinksu201D

u2022     HTML and plain text emails send out u201Cin one gou201D

u2022     Fully functional (Personalized and open&click through tracking) online version of the mail form without any further manual steps

u2022     Easy upload of image to a repository that can be used during mail form creation

u2022     Personalized/dynamic content (single fields as well as whole sections of the mail form should be dynamic based on BP fields or attributes)


I know a lot of these features are just not possible in SAP standard since the mail form editor in SAP CRM is not up to date. For some of them we created enhancements which didnu2019t satisfy the customer.


If anyone of you have worked on SAP CRM Mail forms, then can you please advice or make any recommendations on how to meet the above requirements?


I would really appreciate some quick help please.


Best regards,

Abdul Rafey

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    Zhi Jie Kong
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    Hi Abdul,


    I would suggest you try the mail form creation in IC_Manager role. There are lots of functions there, such as inserting pic, hyperlink and attributes (of BP, agent signature dynamically) ...


    Also there are preview, testing and translation functions for the mail forms.


    The requirement 'Easy upload of image to a repository that can be used during mail form creation' is not something standard SAP having in mail form. You could upload all the pics to a network driver and map it to user pc. So users could choose the pics on the network driver when inserting pic. Just my 2 cents.




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      Abdul Rafey Mohammed
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      Hi ZJKong,


      Thank you for your reply.


      As per your suggestion, I have checked the mail from functionality from the IC Manager role. I have compared it with the Loyalty Professional role as we used the Loyalty program.


      However, to be honest the options for Mail Forms given in IC Manager role are same as in the Loyalty Professional Role.


      These options provide a basic features of adding images and hyperlinks. However, as listed in the client's requirements they are looking for some dynamic features (for example add/insert a hyperlink to an image and change it, add custom tag or parameters to an image or hyperlink and change it etc etc)


      basically almost all the customer's requirements listed in my initial post are not possible within CRM mail forms in SAP CRM 7.0.


      Hence, I was looking for a solution whether we could achieve this by integrating with a third party email tool. If yes, then which third party tool is recommended and how do we approach / move forward in achieving the requirements of the customer.


      Best regards,

      Abdul Rafey