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Collation Settings

Gonzalo Gomez Gonzalez
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Hello, good afternoon.

Excuse me for my English, it´s not very good.


Upgrading to 8.81 SP00 PL11 the system check the collation settings and it´s incorrect.

i´ve read the note 987436 and i´ve tried the change but it´s imposible to change it.


The next step is install SQL again.

Checkin the AdministratorGuide_SQL in the page 17 says:


Collation Settings

SQL collations u2013 Dictionary order case-insensitive, for use with 1252

Character set, Accent - Sensitive (SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS).


If you manually install SQL Server, in the Collation Settings window, select

Latin1_General from the dropdown list and select the Accent u2013 sensitive



If I install SQL in that wayt when i make select SERVERPROPERTY ('collation') the answer is:


The expected answer: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS

The question is: ¿It´s the same collation?. ¿Is this the correct collation?

How can i install sql with the right collation, in the guide it´s no explicit.