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No price could be determined for material

Thauseef Moyenddin
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Hi All,


We are uploading a raw material with 561 movement type with zero value since our clients are procuring materials internally and no cost is incurred for the same. Updated 0 price in material master.


When we run COR1 for SFG, then it will give the below error for the above raw material. Please look into it and advise.


The error message shows as below:


No price could be determined for material/batch 10100510250004/ plant 4000

Message no. CK465



The system could not calculate a price for material/batch 10100510250004/ in plant 4000 for valuation view 0, because none of the valuation strategies in valuation variant Z01 was successful.


System Response

User-defined error management enables you to specify whether the message is an error message, a warning message or an information message.



If you have defined the message as a warning message or an information message, the costing item will be entered in the cost estimate with a value of zero.


If you have defined the message as an error message, the cost estimate contains an error or errors.


In the case of a material cost estimate, the system sets the status KF.


If it is a cost estimate without quantity structure, or base object cost estimate (that is, a unit cost estimate), the system cannot proceed with costing until you have corrected the errors.


If the system issues a termination message, the cost estimate cannot be processed, and processing is terminated.



Check the master data for material/batch 10100510250004/ in plant 4000.


If you have authorization for Customizing, check the valuation strategy for materials in valuation variant Z01.



If the message is a warning message or an information message, there is a danger that materials with errors will be ignored by the system.


If, because of this, you issue a warning message and at the same time include materials with a zero value in cost estimates, you can make the following settings for these materials in the costing view of the material master:


1. Enter a very low price in the planned price 1, 2 or 3 fields manually, for instance 0.01 USD. These prices are used for costing purposes only; they are not read by other applications.

2. Enter the highest price unit possible, for example 10000.

Note: If you enter a new price unit that is higher than the costing lot size, the system increases the costing lot size accordingly.

3. Change the valuation strategy, such as strategy 4, where you could enter the planned price field in which you entered the low price.


The system now costs as follows:

Using the valuation strategy, the system finds planned price 1, 2 or 3. Due to the low price and high price unit, the system rounds the value to zero. However, the cost estimate still obtains status KA (free of errors), and no error message is issued.


This procedure can be used for all materials that have caused error message CK465 to be issued.



Thanks & Regards,

Thauseef Moyenddin