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[NW7.3] Problem while trying to deploy an EAR using ant task

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I'm trying to deploy a EAR file to my Netweaver instance using ANT but I'm facing the following problem.

I've downloaded all the files from j2ee/deployment and j2ee/j2eeclient as SAP's documentation says, the classpath is correctly set, however I get this error:


build.xml:16: taskdef class com.sap.engine.services.dc.ant.convert.SAPImportEAR cannot be found


I've taken a look at tcjedc_ant.jar, which I downloaded from my instance, and it appears that SAPImportEAR is missing.

By opening the file I can see com.sap.engine.services.dc.ant.deploy, com.sap.engine.services.dc.ant.undeploy and com.sap.engine.services.dc.ant.params, but the whole package com.sap.engine.services.dc.ant.convert is missing.


Is it suposed to be anywhere else? All the articles/posts I found state that it should be on tcjedc_ant.jar.


Thanks in advance!