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DSO Activation problem

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Hi All,


  i facing issue quite frequently dso activation step in process chain gets failed quite frequently, sometimes due to PSA partition error and sometimes due to unable to insert records, what i generally do in such scenario is delete the red request, re run dtp and repeat step in process chain and it works


but my question why does it get fail for 1st time, as these are not dump or system resource errors, so does this happens

i have searched the forum but explaintions on problem


also i have seen couple of SAP notes regarding this issue, but i want to know reason of failures


can anybody please explain me "WHY"





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    Anshul Rawat
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    PSA partition fails due to some of the following reasons...

    not sufficient parallel process at the time of activation..also due to backgroud processes unavailability..

    check in SM51 if server has any long running jobs or parallel jobs due to which the activation job is not getting any background process...

    also check the setting in TCode  transaction RSODSO_SETTINGS....setting for Maximum package size (for activation) and Maximum wait time for process (for activation).....

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    Shailesh Khandarkar
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    always check SM21 tcode for any system logs.. this is same as ST22 .....


    it could be that there is a table space issue for the DSO activation

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      checked in SM21/ST22 .... nothing useful was found


      also my jobs are high priority jobs, i am not able to understand why will it fail then, allocation of resources to this job will be given utmost priority.

      i have even included BASIS regarding this issue, one strange thing that came out was system load is very less when these DSO activation fail, we not able figure Root cause for these issues


      Please Help!!!




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