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Customised Billing Variant using QUANTI14 as the template

Mayuresh Ayachit
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Hi Experts,


In my current client we are developing a custom billing variant using QUANTI14 as the template which will retreive the MJ value for billing to QUANTI01 variant.


We are not using the SAP standard calculated MJ value using PCF and Average Heating value since there is another development suited to our client requirements which is doing the calculation of MJ using index read, PCF and Average Heating value.

This MJ value is stored in a custom field in EABL table and the custom billing variant will pick up this MJ value for billing.

This works for all the scenarios except when there is a TOU change (off peak -> shoulder) in a billing period. Standard SAP Billing engine prorates the MJ values according to the TOU change and writes info lines in the billing docs. However this is not taken care of in the custom billing variant that we have developed?


I wanted to know-:

a) Has anyone implemented the logic to prorate the MJ value in case of a price event change? (i.e TOU change from off peak to shoulder in a billing period) and then control the writing of infolines in the billing docs in a customised variant?

If anyone has implemented this logic in a custom billing variant do you have any related documentation on this?


b) What are the risks in doing the proration of MJ value in a customised billing variant?


c) Is there any other logic/scenario that we need to take care of while implementing this in a custom billing variant?


d) Could you please let me know where the MJ proration is carried out in the standard SAP Billing engine? This is because even before the control comes in QUANTI14 the MJ value is prorates according to price event change (TOU changes) with proper dates?


Appreciate your quick response.


Thanks, Mayuresh