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ESS Quota Overview Timing out

sunil c
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Hi All,


    We are facing a problem with the Quota Overview in ESS. So far only one employee has reported this problem. After clicking Ouota Overview there is no response from the system for a long time after which the following message is shown:


500 Connection timed out




Error: -5

Version: 7200

Component: ICM

Date/Time: Thu Mar 1 18:34:20 2012 

Module: icxxthr_mt.c

Line: 4209

Server: portal__10

Error Tag: {-}

Detail: Connection to partner timed out after 60s


Kindly suggest how to solve the issue.





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    Siddharth Rajora
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    Please check how many quotas are being displayed for the pernr?

    Verify which mode of Function Module HR_GET_QUOTA_DATA you are using?


    You have read the documentation of the Function Module HR_GET_QUOTA_DATA

    to select the proper mode. In your case it should be 'D', kindly check

    it. Then modify the mode in the BADI accrodingly and test.


    Please read the documentation of the FM HR_GET_QUOTA_DATA

    in se37 and its different modes.


    In your implementation of the BADI you have set this as





    • please read documentation of function 'HR_GET_QUOTA_DATA'.

    • Changes can cause performance problems!!!!


      ex_mod   = 'B'.

      ex_qtype = 3.




    Note that


    The Quota displayed consists of both IT2006,entitlements and also takes

    leave requests which are in SENT,APPROVED,and in ERROR status. And all

    this data is used in the Time Accounts application.

    I would kindly request you to approve and post this records or if they

    are invalid to delete them.

    If there are old requests from 2009, 2008 then the system will perform

    validation checks which will take time and lead to performance

    issues, We would recommend to have less requests for approval

    If you have lot of requests for approval, You can do via

    Rptarqapp or Rptarqmass_approval.

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      sunil c
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      Dear Siddharth ,


         Thank you very much for your reply.


         I modified the BADI and changed the mode to 'D'. But the time out still occurs.


         The employee concerned is having 104 entries in IT 2006.


         I  have checked the status of leave requests for the employee in question. He is having 1 request in STOPPED status , 2 requests in ERROR status and the rest in POSTED status. The requests with ERROR status are for the year 2010.


      Will these 2 requests in ERROR status affect performance?


        IT 2001 is found updated for these requests. I fear that  deleting the 2 requests will cause inconsistency.


        Kindly suggest what is to be done.