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updating kernel from 32 to 69

Rami Zeid
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Hello ALL ,


i`m trying to update kernel on ecc 6.0 ehp 4 from 32 to 69 , and i`m working on windows server 2008 R2 with MSSQL server 2008 R2 , but it still take the old one " 32 version  " , this is how I`ve update it after reading several notes :


1. download .sar file from marketplace .


2. stop the SAP services


3. decompress the file with sapcar .


4. copy the new files and replace it with these files in this path : D:\usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64


5. re-start the services.


6. open the ECC .


please i need your help guys .!!

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    Rami Zeid
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    I`m trying to update it because when try to install sap_appl 604 by EHPI , it unable to continue because it need at least 61 .

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      Venkatesh Pydi
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      Your procedure is correct. Nevertheless, don't forget to take a backup of the existing kernel before replacement.


      To make things a bit better, I would like to suggest you to do the following

      Goto Market place Software download --> Support packages and patches --> Kernel -->SAP KERNEL 64-BIT -->

      Windows on x64 64bit -->Database independent --> SAPEXE.SAR Kernel Part I


      Oracle -->SAPEXEDB.SAR Kernel Part II

      DBSL Library,

      R3trans, tp


      Extract both of them to the kernel directory.


      Please revert, if you run into issues.




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    Clebio Dossa
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    maybe the sapcar is not doing his task


    the sapcar is a toll invoked before the start up. its goal is to copy the news kernel's files from:






    to analyse the system check if the sapcar is being called at the start profile.

    You also can check the sapcar* files in the isntance work folder.


    As workaround you can manually copy the kernel files every instance exe folder.



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    John Feely
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    Please check in your start profile path of ct_run

    This is where sapcpe copies kernel files to exe kernel directory

    Check you have applied kernel files to correct ct_run directory


    Check start profile with

    See 919046  Upgrade to the New Instance-Specific Directory


    As a workaround make a backup of the exe directory then

    copy kernel files directly to the exe directory

    This is what sapcpe does during startup.



    John Feely