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Processing Failed - Internal server error; contact your system administrato

Matthew Vorpasso
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Hi All,


Having recently upgraded my local machine to SAP 8.82 and the SAP mobile solution to version 1.5, I attempted to test the new functionality to add sales orders and sales quotes via the mobile device.

The integration framework is loaded and working correctly and I am able to log into the device and perform all tasks as per version 1.4.

When selecting the + symbol within either sales order or quote window the 'Add new' window loads accordingly.

Selecting the Business Partner in which the new document is required then results in an error message once these fields within the 'Add new' window are loaded.

The error message is similar to previous logged messages in which they have issues in connecting the device to the server. The message is 'Processing Failed - Internal server error; contact your system administrator.'

I have applied all the options relating to this error message in other threads, however this has not helped.

I have also tested this on iPhone and iPad both of which result in the error.


Has anyone been able to add a new order or quote from device and if so did they overcome this error?