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Display year and month in webi report

madu kumar
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I have requirement like below.



If user select year in prompt for example user select 2011


i have 2 columns in a report pY-2,   pY-1


These above columns will display 2009  , 2010 along with the current month.Month will be same as current month.


For suppose user select 2009 and(assume current month is JULY)The above columns will display like below.


pY-2                     pY-1


July-2007            July-2008


Please suggest me how we can achieve this?


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    sunilkumar koneru
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    Which version of BO you are using? and What is your data source?

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    Egils Robs
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    Because you have a requirement to display data for current month you will have to add at least one new restricted key figure to BEx query that you plan to use for report. Restricted key figure should use BEx SAP exist variable that limits data to current month. It might require that you will need to enable one or two BI Content variables that SAP provides with SAP BW installation. There are at least two types of current month variables - current fiscal month or current calendar month. Another possibility for restricted key figure is to use your own BEx exit variable


    Afterwards you have few options;

    - develop crosstab report to display pY-1, pY-2 data;

    - add two more restricted key figures to BEx query to display pY-1 and pY-2 columns; this will require you to add new BEx input variable to BEx query

    - create WEBI measure variables to display pY-1 and pY-2 columns based on WEBI prompt