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Same EP but different langiages for different users

Jenna Brown
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EP Gurus:


We have EPs connected to BW.


We have Spanish and English users for each EP for  the same time and same system.


Spanish user IDs start with S, while Englisg User IDs start with E.


Could you please tell how to configure so that S users and E users will see their own languages after login?


I find a link:


Re: Portal content in Arabic for limited users


But it's about certain content.  We want a totally  different language for each type of users.



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    Zhi Liang Cheang
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    Hi Jenna,


    You may choose to set user account languages in order to achieve what you want.


    e.g. S users, language = Spanish

    E users, language = English




    Best Regards,

    Zhi Liang

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    Arun Jaiswal
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    Dear Jenna,


    You can achive by changing the UME User or User profile language setting for the users.


    Please refer to the details for the Users language setting in SAP Portal:-


    Adding Logon Language option on Portal Logon Page

    Let a user change their portal language graphically

    SP12/SP20: Portal Localization for Anonymous Users


    Hope it will helps


    Best Regards

    Arun Jaiswal

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      Kai Unewisse
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      if your browser language is setup as spanish or english, the portal will use this information to show the navigation and also the content (i.e. ESS) in this language.

      Setup of the profile language has a higher priority, so if you do this the browser language will not change the behaviour.


      We have the framework setup this way:

      initially no language in the profile (empty), but the user can click on a link in the header to change the language. This will write the selected language in the profile. The value can be changed later on.


      PS: SAP JCO connections are initiated with a language. If you switch the language, the Webdypro Java Programs will not reflect the language change. YOu have to logoff and login again to see the effect.




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    Sharanya Rajagopal
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    Hi Jenna Brown,

    The language that the portal is displayed in depends on the following heirarchy, with the languages at the top of the list taking precedence over those at the bottom:


    1. Component (iview) language (defined in the portalapp.xml)

    2. Portal Mandatory language (defined in the prtDefault.properties)

    3. User language (defined in the user#s profile).

    4. Request language (defined by the browser).

    5. Portal Default language (defined in the prtDefault.properties)

    6. System Default language (default locale defined by the OS).


    So for example, if you have your portal user language (as in point 3) set to Russian, but the language of the iView that is the logon page (as in point 1) set to English, that logon page will be displayed in English.


    Keeping the above in mind, please make the necessary changes to the configurations of the necessary components and reply to me if this does not provide a solution or if you require further help.


    Thanks and Regards

    Sharanya Rajagopal

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    Duncan Speidel
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    Hi Jenna,


    You could create two groups one for each language, for simplicity let's use the name English for english speakers and Spanish for spanish speakers.  You can create a desktop rule that send the users to the proper desktop (language) based off group membership.


    You could also try a much simpler rule.  Say "if user = E* than load english desktop".  I've never tried to filter on the first letter of an ID.


    The other UME driven suggestions should work too.


    Best regards,