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How to change a delivery from complete order to partial order

Enrique Rojas
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We have create a delivery from a sale order that initially it was a complete order. During the picking of the TO we found a difference of stock of one unit. We asked to the client if they accept the partial order and they said that there was no problem.


We change the sales order from complete to partial, but the delivery is not accepting the difference, is always warning that we haven't arrive to the quantity.


I have read that there is no way to change the delivery so we have to delete it and create a new one. But we have a problem, the original one was of 56 pallets and all of them are done and label except the last one, if I delete de delivery I will have to move the TO again to the stock and dismount the 56 pallets, and repeat the picking, so, somebody knows a solution to avoid this and not move again everything just for one piece?