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News Paper format

ash gopi
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Hi all,


I need to display  the output in two columns(two vertical tables) in a single page.  I was just thinking on the lines of filtering each block with no. of records using rowindex().My apporach is to find the total records being fetched, divide  by 2(blocks and store the result in variableA, then filter  the block 1 with 0 between variableA and block 2 greater than Variable A.




1. I want to find the total records which are being fetched and are to be distributed evenly or unevenly on the two blocks. How to achieve this?



2. I want to filter the block using the BETWEEN operator .  how to pass another variable in the upper limit of the between operator? Basically I want  the upper limit to be dynamic.


3.   Through conditioanl formating,  can I change the font size of the table ?  Assume the the toal records is above 1000, and as i need to display the output in two tables in a single page, then automatically the font size has to reduce.


4. How to change  width and height of a cell dyanmically (for the same case in Q:3)?


5. Is there any other approach to acheive the news paper format in the output.