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CS - Service products

Anali Castro Morales
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Hi everybody,

An area in my company are going to bill the services that actually give to some clients, they have to types of service:

mantenaince service and

installation service


So, it is necessary to create two materials service? or we can manage the module PM-CS with only one material?


If I use two tyes, what benefits it will bring us?


I will appreciate your responses

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    Maheswaran KD .
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    By creating 2 different materials:


    1. Both 2 materials should be defined separately in sales order in case of doing both the service to the customer.

    2. By doing so, 2 service orders will be created. Before that, 2 task lists should have been created for 2 different services.

    3. If you are doing only one service, then you can mention only one material, so that while creating service order from sales order, person who is converting service order is not required to have more knowledge which operation will come for this service as task list level, service based operations have been segregated.


    By creating one material:


    1. Here whatever points mentioned above will be reversed.

    2. Only one material in sales order, only one service order for both the services. In case of 2 different responsible work center, then you can't mention the exact work center as only one service order is available.

    3. In case of only one service will be performed to the customer & we have only one material with all the (installation & maintenance) operations in single task list, person who is converting sales order to service order should have knowledge to select correct operations for the service order.


    Say you have 5 operations together for installation & maintenance as OP1, OP2, OP3, OP4 & OP5. First 3 for installation & last 2 for maintenance, sales person should select last 2 operations only in case of maintenance.


    System will not have any issue whether you create one service product or 2 service products. Its based on the user who is going to use the system.