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Different Exchange rate between COPA and FI

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Hi experts,


My scenario is:


1. I have a manufactured product ABC with:

             Standard Price (Local Currency)       =   9 PEN   (Material Master)

             Standard Price (Foreign Currency)   =   3 USD   (Material Master)


2. In table TCURR, the exchange rate to 05.03.2011 is:    1 USD  =  2.68 PEN


3. I created a Sales Order, Delivery and Billing document.


4. In Delivery (FI document), the system used the Standard Price from Material Master (3 USD)


5. In COPA, the system used the exchange rate:  1 USD = 2.68 PEN


6. In Local Currency is the same in FI and COPA.


Question 1: This behavior is correct? and Why?

Question 2: Could COPA use the standard price (USD) from Material Master?


Thanks in advance for your help,


José Luis