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How to obtain a Shopping cart number from memory

Matthias Pump
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Hello, i am trying to get the number of a freshly created shopping cart. I need this number to get the GUID and then to specify responsible approvers for shopping cart and items in that cart. I know that i can get the GUID from this FM, where i have to specify shopping cart number as input value.


    IV_OBJECT_ID       = object_id
   EV_GUID            = lf_guid
*   EV_OBJECT_ID       =
    ET_MESSAGES        = lt_messages


I am working on a SRM 7.0 system.

Is there anyone who can tell me how to get this shopping cart number from the memory or with other FM.

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated. Still i am very fresh in this field of SRM and Workflow and could need any kind of help.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,