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TREX Full Search via CV04N Displays DIR Hits While EasyDMS Search Shows All

Richard Lefebvre
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Hello All,


I've searched for information on this and have not yet located an answer so I hope this has not already been addressed even though I think it is somewhat basic.  We have recently installed EasyDMS and TREX to enhance our existing DMS capabilities.  In our testing, we have found that EasyDMS's Full Text capability through TREX is reporting and displaying hits at the document file level whereas DMS CV04N Full Text capability is only showing hits at the document info record level.  Is there something that we have missed for the DMS CV04N capability to not display in the same fashion as the EasyDMS search capability?  For those users using CV04N, they will be disappointed to only find that the hit was at the DIR level and forcing them to find the document file that really contains the hit if multiple files exist in a DIR.


Thanks - RIchard.

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    Deepak Kori
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    Hi Richard,


    Please check whether you have done these configurations or not.


    For text search you have activate TREX Server follow the steps


    Set TREX


    A:- Transaction: SRMO

    Install TREX , and create RFC destination to connect to



    B:- Transaction: SKPR06

    Check the flag to Document Area "DMS" to utilize this document area for

    document search.


    For Indexing


    A: Transaction: SE38

    Run the report program "RSTIRIDX_REINDEX" to create Index.

    Also, run the report program "RSTIRIDX" to create Index.


    Set mime type for the text search


    A: SPRO --

    Cross-Application Components > Document Management System > General

    Data > Settings for Storage Systems > Create MIME types for full

    text search,

    Enter MIME type like




    Retrive document via Test Search


    A: Then, test retrieval document search using

    Transaction: SKPR07.

    Enter Document Class "DMS_PCD1", Language "EN", Document Class "DMS",

    and try "TEST search".




    Deepak Kori