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Interest rate adjustment

Manel Magallon
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I use product type 55B to register deposit received and I pay interest.

I use this product with interest form variable (interest rate adjustment).

In cash flow after settle the transaction, cash flow for nominal interest (1200) appears blocked. I have to run TJ05 transaction and them interest appear released.

¿Is it posible released interest flows in settlement and do not use TJ05?.

(In case changes in interest rates, I think that could run transaction TMFM for generate the new cash flow.)

Many thanks.


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    Renatas Bruozis
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    Hi Manel,


    in case of variable interest rates instrument some benchmark interest rate is applied, e.g. LIBOR or EURIBOR (instead of fixed interest). Usually, this instrument consist of more than one interest period and exact value of interest rate is not know untill interest rate adjustment date somewhere in the future. For this purpose (interest rate adjustment) you have to use transaction TJ05 (automatic) or TI10 (manual). It updates the respective interest amount flow, also since this moment this interest flow is available for posting.


    hope this will help you.




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    Juerg Heiz
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    Hi Manel


    In addition what Renatas was posting you have to make sure that all interest rates are maintained in customizing. Additionally if you use the automatic interest rate adjustment you have to make sure that theday indicator is set to -2 because Libor or Euribor are set for today.


    Juerg Heiz

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