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Create a list of static values in a input control

Mario De Pauw
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I'm pretty new to BO and I'm kind stuck right now and can't seem to find a solution.


I have got a simple WebI report which contains some charts and a crosstab. I'm working on my Universe connecting to a SQL server database. What I want my report to do is make it possible for the users to change the measure and the axisses of the charts by a Input control. (Or doing it by another way if it is possible)


I have created four variables: Measure / Measure_Prompt / Rows / Rows_Prompt.


In the 2 prompt variables I have a hardcoded value. Example:  ="Net_Value". I created an input control for these variables, which is a text box and the user needs to type a value. This works and the report is adjusting depending on the value entered.


In Measure and Rows I have an IF statement. For example: If Measure_Prompt is "Net_Value" take [Invoice_Net_Value] etc..


However I would like to have a dropdown with a list of values in the input controls instead of the text box. Because I can't expect users to know what to type.


Is this possible? If it's possible how can I do this and create a dropdown with a list of given hardcoded values from which the user can choose from with either a input control or another way if suggested.


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Mario De Pauw