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eLearning Links from old SDN?

Harshad Sonar
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Spent quite some time to find the old eLearning links on the new SCN, but couldn't find. Hence the post.

Here is a link that shows the eLearning section in old SDN http://scn.sap.com/people/jason.lax/blog/2008/05/19/expanded-sap-community-network-elearning-section

I hope that information is still available and as well organized as before. Links ... answers  ..?

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    Jason Lax
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    Hi - I created two documents that list all the eLearnings by topic and product, according to the old site:

    Article & eLearning by Product Catalogs Mapped to New SCN Spaces

    Article & eLearning by Topic Catalogs Mapped to New SCN Spaces

    Once you arrive on the space, select the Content tab and then the Documents filter: all articles and eLearning are here.

    Of course, you can also use site search.

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      Harshad Sonar
      Currently Being Moderated

      Hello Jason,

      Yes found them out. I did previously (before the post) search in the right section that I thought some of those videos would be (for e.g. smartforms) but didn't get the hit. I had used the 'Filter by tag' to narrow down.

      So let's take the tutorial that is 'Smart Forms Tutorial ...' if you search as tag 'Smartform', I get only three hits, however if I were to search as Smart Form then I would get more including the three I got as Smartform.  Try filtering by tag 'OOP' and you will see what I mean because the OOP tutorials are tagged as 'OO'!  Maybe something that can be improved upon - that is add additional tags on  how users would possibly search!

      Here are some suggestions (might be already implemented but as this interface is new and therefore unknown to me)

      - Ability to list more than the 25 odd hits that are shown before moving to new page

      - Ability to go to a specific page instead of navigating through each page.

      The new SCN might be a step (and right one) in progression, but there were certainly some aspects of the Old SCN / SDN that will be missed. 

      Thanks again.