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How to reset a failed SAPehpi run

Samuli Kaisanlahti
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Hi All,

I have encountered a server error during extraction phase of SAPehpi.

Now, after fixing the error, I try to start the DSUService again, it does not start. It gives me an error:

               Mar 20, 2012 1:39:28 PM [Error ]: java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method java.lang.String.startsWith(java.lang.String) of an                object loaded from local variable 'msg'

Can I somehow reset the installation?

Is it safe to start a new SAPehpi from a new directory?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Samuli Kaisanlahti

From Finland

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    Deepika Paturu
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    Hi Samuli,

    5.5Resetting the Upgrade

    You can reset the upgrade, that is, undo all changes that have been made

    in the system by the upgrade program. For example, you may want to reset

    the upgrade in the following cases:ªaï#©

    You want to repeat one of the preparation roadmap steps (steps 1# 4) to

    change an entry.ªaï#©

    You ran the preparation roadmap steps for information purposes only and

    do not want to upgrade the system now, but at a later point in


    You cannot complete the upgrade in time and therefore need to reset the

    system to enable production operation again.

    The procedure for resetting the upgrade depends on the roadmap step the

    upgrade program has reached.


    During the Execution of the Preparation Roadmap Steps

    As long as the upgrade is in one of the preparation roadmap steps, you

    can reset a roadmap step by pressing the Back button of the upgrade GUI.

    During the Preprocessing Roadmap Step

    To reset the upgrade, proceed as follows:


    Make sure that the upgrade GUI displays the Back and Next buttons, which

    indicate that SAPup is not in a dialog phase. If it is in a dialog

    phase, the upgrade GUI displays the Repeat, Init, and Exit buttons. In

    this case, choose Exit before resetting the upgrade.


    From the upgrade GUI menu bar, choose Upgrade Reset Upgrade.

    5 Upgrade Process

    5.5 Resetting the Upgrade

    94/152 PUBLIC 2010-12-16


    If you reset the upgrade while the shadow system is running, the shadow

    system service is not automatically uninstalled. You have to uninstall

    the shadow system service manually. Otherwise, you are not able to

    delete the upgrade directory since the service still accesses an

    executable located in this directory.


    Stop the SL controller.


    Remove the upgrade directory.


    Start the upgrade from the beginning.

    After Reaching the Downtime Roadmap Step


    Before you overwrite or delete the upgrade directory and the /usr/sap/

    <SAPSID> directory, make a backup of these directories. SAP

    Support may need this backup to analyze the error.


    The time of the backup of the upgrade directory and the /usr/sap/<(>

    <<)>SAPSID> directory must match the time of the backup of your



    Reset the database, directory /usr/sap/<SAPSID>, and the upgrade

    directory if it is not part of /usr/sap/<SAPSID>. Use the backup

    you made before entering the Downtime roadmap step, at the end of the

    Preprocessing roadmap step [page 114].
    There are two options how to proceed: #É÷<#
    Reset the upgrade completely and repeat all roadmap steps.
    To do this, choose UpgradeReset Upgrade from the upgrade GUI menu. #É÷<#
    Continue with roadmap step Downtime without repeating the other roadmap
    You can leave the upgrade in step Preprocessing until you are ready to
    proceed with the roadmap step Downtime.

    SO now you have to execute below OS command then follow above
    (Please take a backup of upgarde directory first)
    ./SAPehpi reset upgarde (Windows: .\SAPehpi. exe reset upgarde)
    Delete the EHPI directory.
    start SAPehpi again

    Thank You.



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    Amit Jaiswal
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    Hi Samuli

    KIndly check oss note

      158358 - Additions to resetting the upgrade;

    -  1245473 - Add. Info. - SAP Enhancement Package Installer;


    If you are at preperation roadmap :

    you can reset the upgrade with the BACK BUTTON .if it is not working  then you have to go to "SAPehpi reset prepare " and then it works