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About Blog Categories Mapped to Topic Spaces

Osvaldo Lopez
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Hi experts, I hope to take this, as constructive criticism from a reader who is passionate about the world of SAP.

I think the DOC about "Blog Categories Mapped to Topic Spaces" is wrong
Let me explain with an example: 

Before when we had a link to the blogs of ABAP, we click the link and saw only ABAP blogs. 
Now when you click on the "new link" ABAP: what will we see? What are all these things? Discussions, documents, "Recent Activity", Unanswered Questions, Popular Tags, Key Topics, Related Resources, Top Participants, etc.. 

Recent Activity? What is this? What is the sense of having this here? SNC is not Facebook! I want to see the latest blogs, only blogs! I do not want to see the latest comments here; Unanswered Questions, Popular Tags, Key Topics, Related Resources, and Top Participants either. The old design, had a section with the last comment (and very useful). Now I see all the latest that has been updated if I go to the link that supposedly took me to see the blogs of ABAP. 

An other example: You want to see Blogs by date (old link: http://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/weblogs) and you saw only "blogs" by date. That was great!
Now you can't do that! If you go to that link, you get this link: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-18972 and get the "map to topics".

I'm really disappointed by these changes.
I think it will cost much time to people accustomed to the new design.