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Inventory cube : 0IC_C03

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Hi Gurus,


I am installing the 0IC_C03 cube and loading data to it in the production system.

I have went through the following document,


We are using 7.3 BI.

I have given down the steps to be followed for loading the data to 0IC_C03 cube.

Please let me know if these steps are right and also please clear my doubts given below.

The cube 0IC_C03 has been installed via BI content and the datasources has been installed in RSA5 and it has been replicated to BI.

In the BI content the DTP's are not available. Why?

Also so many infopackages are available for the datasource 2LIS_03_BF.Why? We just require one full and one delta alone. Thats enough right?

I can see the Z* infopackages in the Business content!! please see the screen shot attached along with this mail.

In the ECC system : In LBWG and delete contents of set-up table for the application area 03.

Now I need to prevent the user form making entry, I need to lock all the client users alone. Am I right?

Run the t-code MCNB for the stock initialization.

Then run the infopackage for the datasource 2LIS_03_BX  Why they have given two infopackage in BI content for this datasource ? one infopackage is "2LIS_03_BX_FULL_R3" and other is "2LIS_03_BX_STOCKINIT_R3". Which one of the infopackage needs to be used ?

I think initialization is one time activity and we need to load the data to the cube via DTP with "marker update" and immediately compress it.

Now fill the set up tables for BF & UM using the t-codes "OLI1BW" and "OLIZBW".

There are lot of infopackages under the datasource 2LIS_03_BF, which one to use?

Run "initialization with datatransfer" for 2LIS_03_BF and load the data to the cube via DTP without "marker update" and compress it immediately.

Run "initialization with datatransfer" for 2LIS_03_UM and load the data to the cube via DTP without "marker update" and compress it immediately.

Now run the "delta" infopackages for 2LIS_03_BF and 2LIS_03_UM and load to the cube  via DTP with "marker update" and compress it immediately.

Now add these delta update IP's to the process chain. Remove the locks for the user in the BI system.   Should compression be done every time after the data load?  Please give a detailed picture.

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    Any updates Gurus?

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      any suggestions ? please..

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      Farrukh Hanif
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      Hi there,

      You have asked so many questions at a time seems that you are bit confused regarding inventory cube. Anyways, I will try to clear your doubts on it.

      As Zeeshan said, DTPs are not available for this datasource as these ds are on 3.x flow. You have to create dtps on your own. Just restrict your IP to the PSA only. Because if you select your IP to take the data upto the data targets then its not possible for this flow as in the standard content of this cube, no Update rules exist. All the objects are on 7.x flow except the datasources which I mentioned before are on 3.x flow.

      Secondly, ignore all other infopackages just take three infopackages for BF and UM datasources and only ONE for BX datasource. Rest of them can be deleted.

      Now please follow step by step procedure to populate 0IC_C03 cube in following fashion.

      1. Delete setup tables by using LBWG --> 03 Application Component.
      2. Run MCNB tcode to fill stock initialization. You can choose any of the given options i.e, "valuated stock" or "all material including non-valuated" etc.
      3. Run OLI1BW tcode to fill historical movement docs related to BF datasource. Remember to choose posting date as 01.01.1000 to 31.12.9999.
      4. Run OLIZBW if you want to populate UM datasource for revaluation docs which related to financial impact in case of movement of docs.
      5. Now go to BW and run infopackage for BX datasource. Choose "generate initial stock" option there.
      6. Run dtp of BX datasource. Choose "Initial Cummulate" option in Extract Mode of DTP.
      7. Compress your request with marker update i.e, "No tick"
      8. Now run infopackage of BF datasource. You can have 3 IP for it. One with "Initialization without data transfer" option, second with "Full Update" option and third with "Delta" option. You will keep last mentioned IP in your process chain. But for this step run infopackage with Initialization without data transfer option.
      9. Then run Infopackage of BF datasource with "full update" option.
      10. Compress this request with out marker update i.e., "With Tick".
      11. Now run UM infopackage with "Initialization without data transfer option" Then run second infopackage with "Full Update" option for the very datasource.
      12. Compress UM request without marker update i.e, "With Tick" again.
      13. Now go to source system again and schedule your V3 job by using LBWE or SM13. You can schedule as per your frequency keeping in mind your business transactional activities.
      14. Finally execute Delta infopackage for BF and UM datasources Only with marker update i.e, "No Tick" and keep them in PC followed by Compression variant with NO tick option for regular delta updates.

      Note. Yes Its recommended to run compression job as soon as you load the data in non-cummulative cube due to the performance of query because non-cummulative cube calculates stocks / balances at the time of query execution. So the less uncompressed requests in the cube, the better performance it has.

      I hope you will get the clear picture now. Please let me know if you need more help.

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        Great Answer,

        But its always in general "Full update" then followed by "initialization without datatransfer"  and finally "delta" update. But in steps 8 and 9 also in 11 and 12, you have asked to run "initialization without datatransfer" and then "full update". Is this what to be followed? Also the datasources needs to be migrated "with export"option only then we can use them in transformations otherwise we might have to use the update rules, am i right?

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          Farrukh Hanif
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          As per the SAP doc, it says that perform initialization with data transfer but I had had extensive time working on this cube and reconciling the data and this is what I have found out in order to successfully reconcile the data.

          You should perform init w/o data transfer and then full update.

          As far as migration of the datasource is concerned, you can use the 3.x datasource with 7.x transformation as BW gives backward compatibility. That is why I mentioned to take your data to PSA only through IP and then run dtp. But you can always migrate it to 7.x though.

          But don't forget to run your BX dtp with "initial non-cumulative with non-cumulative values".

          Please feel free to ask if you still have any doubts.


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            Excellent and thanks.

            One final question, Now they have asked me to add the movement type to the cube 0IC_C03. There are no movement type present in the dimensions of the 0IC_C03 and hence i need to enhance it. The movement type comes via BF datasource to the cube, but i had to create a custom dimension and then add the movement type to the dimension of the cube. I have created just a single dimension with single infoobject "0movetype" (Movement Type). Now i have mapped the source movement type and target movement type together in the transformation rules of BF, immediately a pop up came and asks me "Do you want to use the rule as a reference in all groups?". I dont know whether to give yes or no. But i can see there are 6 "rule groups" present between the infosource and the datatarget. Any idea over this?

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              Farrukh Hanif
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              I think rule group is used to apply certain set of rules for certain cases. In this case, apart from standard rule, there exist 6 more rule groups which I think caters different calculations of particular keyfigures based on certain rules. In my system it didn't give me any popup for referencing any rule group. I think you should first respond this popup with No and check your data. If the data reconciles then its okay else apply this rule with all groups and then reload and check the data.

              Hope you get it.

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    Zeeshan Shah
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    The DTPs are available for new content- meaning datasources built upon bi 7.0 and above.  The old datasources still utilize the old method; In our case we had to make the DTP ourselves;

    You can either lock the users or you can run it at a suitable time; whichever is easier for the business.

    Run it in order ; the initial load is the initial stock opening balance- movement 561; that will be the set of documents which were put up when the implementation was first done.

    2LIS_BF brings you the normal movements, 101, 301 etc with the 0recordmode giving the type of update

    UM is stock revaluations- when you run a revaluation on a material, it will place the document here;

    If you have done the logistics cockpit setup properly, 2LIS_BF should bring you the data-

    first do the 561- then move to bf- then check um if there are revaluations-