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payment advice

suresh y suresh
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I had run to payment adive in f-58.After run to payment advice it not showing to TDS amount

Payment advice format..ex

S.no                               Referanc no                            Doc no                 Tds                       amount

1.                                     474                                  1000000                    -                                90


Above the formmat client maintaing payment advice..

But total amount is 100 rs

Tax ded 10





But my clientrequirement 10rs TDS amount showing payment advice

Payment advice run based on clearing doc.

Pls urgent




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    Umamageshwaran Srinivasan
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    TDS amount is posted in particular G/L account.  You check the particular TDS G/L account.

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    Narasimhulu Konnipati
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    Check whether the filed WT_QBSHH is added to your Payment advice or not.

    You need to check with your ABAPER

    Table name is - WITH_ITEM



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    Shihab MS
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    HI Friend

    May be you have posted TDS at the time of Invoice , so that an entry is generated at the time of Invoice entry for the TDS deducted for the vendor. If you wanted to mention  this amount at the time of Payment Advice please book the invoice and assign TDS code for deducting at the time of Payment. in this case the TDS entry will shown at the time of payment advice note

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      suresh y suresh
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      HI Freiend..

      vendot all clearing data stored in bsak table.i will check table .not showing tds amount,How to logic explain the abap?

      Table name is - WITH_ITEM

      but system pick data from bsak vendor clearing table? how to pick this

      Table name is - WITH_ITEM

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    Soumya Rao
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    As per the standard functionality withholding tax deductions is not printed in the payment advice for invoice time tax type.

    In your case if you use withholding tax type for invoice posting, please note the following information with example which is helpful for further understanding.
    Payment medium program such as RFFO* programs extracts the invoice & payment information from the payment data tables REGU* to print the payment advice. REGU* tables are updated at the time of payment.

    Let's consider an example:

    Step 1:
    We have a vendor invoice created for which EWT is calculated at the time
    of invoice. In the below invoice it is clear that outstanding amount on
    vendor account for example "INV06_RI" is 9,506.00.

    Invoice Document no: 1900000180
    PK Account    Account short text              Amount

    31 INV06_RI   Test for EWT - Raj             9,506.00-
    40 119100     INterest Expense               9,750.00
    50 177000     Withholding tax                  205.00-
    50 177000     Withholding tax                   39.00-

    Step 2:
    When you carry out the payment for the above invoice and assume that EWT is not relevant at the time of payment.

    Payment document no: 1500000123
    PK Account    Account short text              Amount
    50 113100     Bank 1 (domestic)              9,506.00-
    25 INV06_RI   Test for EWT - Raj             9,506.00

    Step 3:
    Print the payment advice which will have the below information.

    Document      Date         Deductions            Gross amount

    1900000180    18.05.2006         0.00                9,506.00

    Payment doc   Check number  Date         Curr  Payment amount

    1500000123    100002        19.05.2006   INR         9,506.00

    As per the system design the amounts shown up for the invoice document in the payment advice are correct. The reason for this is payment program only extracts the necessary information from invoice document for outstanding amount on the vendor item but not the whole document. Since this is the amount to be paid to vendor.

    So I recommend you to inform your vendor at the time of creation of invoice about the EWT deductions calculated. You can check and use transaction J1INCERT to print certificate to send it to vendor. So that Vendor expects the payment amount of 9,506.00.

    Hope this helps,

    Kind Regards