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Replacing characterisctic value in the report with user input

SunilKumar Bolle
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Dear Experts,

we are having the AR report where we are calculating the due days from (Clearing date -Net due date).

we have created CKF for due days F1 - F2 where F1 is formula variable with Replacement path of Clearing date and F2 is formula variable with Replacement path for Net due date.

Due days are being calculated correctly,Now the problem is for some records with item status Open,the value for clearing date is not availble and its showing some unexpected result.Since we had Clearing date displayed in the report it is showing # for which clearing date was blank and user requested to add # in the filter value for clearing date along with input variable and now he is asking he dont want to see #  for clearing date if record dont have value and replace # with value what user entering in the selection screen,i thought of changing processing type for F1 with customer exit where i can capture user input value but how can i replace value of a characteristic from user input in customer exit.please confirm me if it is possible and yes then how can i replace the value.

We are having Clearing date as Filter with 2 values :

1.Not Assigned(#)

2.Variable with User Entry Default value.



Sunil Kumar.B