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AVC warning message does not working when save as complete

rosida rahmawati
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Hi FM Experts,

I have a problem when save as complete journal manual. There is AVC warning message if the budget reach more than 80%, but it's not working.

I already maintained the value type for save as complete and the tolerance profiles.

There are 2 condition if I try to post the journal manual:

a. First condition: I want to post journal manual USD 900.

    - Available budget: USD 1000

    - Consumed amount: - (not yet transaction related budget)

    - Available budget: USD 1000

There is no AVC message appear until I post the document.

b. Second condition is the same like first condition, but there was transaction related budget before.

    - Available budget: USD 1000

    - Consumed amount: USD 200

    - Available budget: USD 700

AVC message appear when I want to post the document, not when save as complete.

How can it happen? Does It because of the setting?

FYI: we use SAP release 604, package 10 for EA PS.

We tried sapnote 1165926, it doesn't relevant and 573409 which didn't affect anything.

Thanks before