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BI SPM starts with error: java.lang.NullPointerException

Ben Tempest
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We are trying to start working on Spend Performance Management. We have installed separate NW as ABAP and NW as Java systems.


ABAP Stack: NW 702 with BI content 704 with level 11 and SPM modules ANAXSA and OPMFND version 210 with level 07.


Java stack system is running 702 components with SSA UI 2.11 with SP07 Patch 1.


By following the guide SSA21-GUIDE_XSA_INST we have finished all post installation steps successfully. Both systems run on Windows/MS SQL Server 2008.


Connection test on Java (System configuration -> System landscape => SAP_BW => Connection Tests) is successful.


In the ABAP BI system all required chains are activated and all queries exist.


But when starting SPM on Java system or aui_olap/scheduler it fails with error:


Scheduler Startup Error: java.lang.NullPointerException

        at com.sap.analytics.aui.persistence.repository.nw.NwSession.doGetRootNode(NwSession.java:34)

     at com.sap.analytics.aui.persistence.repository.impl.SessionAbs.getRootNode(SessionAbs.java:82)

     at com.sap.analytics.aui.persistence.repository.impl.SessionAbs.init(SessionAbs.java:46)

     at com.sap.analytics.aui.persistence.repository.impl.SessionAbs.<init>(SessionAbs.java:42)

     at com.sap.analytics.aui.persistence.repository.nw.NwSession.<init>(NwSession.java:22)

     at com.sap.analytics.aui.persistence.repository.nw.NwRepository.getSession(NwRepository.java:61)

     at com.sap.analytics.aui.persistence.PersistenceServiceLoader.getService(PersistenceServiceLoader.java:109)



We are also getting another error:



com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException: iView not found: xapps.analytics.ds_par.core


We have also reviewed SDN thread Drilldown through category and have looked at all queries, all of which are fine.