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Source code of gateway operation

Moo Yac
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Hi experts,



If i take for example the GW datamodel '/IWCNT/OM_EMPLOYEE_0001_UC', it has 2 operations : CREATESUCCESSORINTERNALDATA and CREATESUCCESSORPERSONALDATA.

How i can get the source code of those operations ?



The consumtion model /IWCNT/SG_EMPLOYEE_0001 has for example the EmployeeCollection : some body can tell me where i can find the code of get details of an employee?



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    Wayne Brown
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    1) You can see all the classes that will be executed for these operation in method register_mapping_specialists in class /iwcnt/cl_emp_eprq_root. It looks like its doing either 4 or 6 BOP's depending on the function.


    2) Consumption Model /IWCNT/SG_EMPLOYEE_0001 has 7 data models assigned to it, one of them being model /IWCNT/OM_EMPLOYEE_0001_UC, this model is assigned to /IWCNT/CL_EMP_DPRQ_ROOT since you are asking about a query, you look for the get_entityset method. The mo_ attribute is resolved by the same register_mapping_specialists method from the previous answer. But the simple answer is it is calling BAPI_EMPLOYEE_GETDATA from the class /IWCNT/CL_EMP_BOPRQ_ROOT_D method /IWFND/IF_MGW_BEC_BOP~EXECUTE.


    Hope I didn't confuse you more.