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Heuristics - Fix Pegging Relationships

Nouman hakeem
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Hi Gurus,


We have Sales Orders coming in from ECC and there by Planned Orders are created in APO. I am facing a issue where i am unable to see all the Planned Orders being pegged to relevent Sales Orders on the Pegging Tab in Product View.


Now we are using the MILL functionality and i am trying to run the Heuritics SAP_PP_019 (Fix Pegging Relationships) for the product (FG) to check if i can obtain the relation in the Pegging Tab. But unfortunately i am unable to see any changes or anything. I tried to even copy and create a new Heuristics in which i specified User Defined Settings with Assignment Strategy - use Timely Receipts along with SAP_FIXED_PEGGING as my sort profile.


Please help me try to understand the functionality of the Heuristics if i have got it worng or are there any settings i am missing.



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    Swetha A
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    You can use this heuristic, which is based on the algorithm /SAPAPO/HEU_PEG_FIX_CREATE, to create fixed pegging relationships between requirements and receipt elements.


    Please refer the below thread for Master Data settings:



    Also refet the below link for user defined setting:



    If you have selected the option batches, the requirement and receipt elements that have the same batch number and that lie within the pegging horizon, are linked via fixed pegging. The receipts are sorted according to the availability date. The requirements are sorted according to the requirement date, in other words, the sequence in which the requirement elements are assigned to the existing stocks and receipt elements is dependent on the requirements date. The system creates the fixed pegging relationships taking into account the assignment strategy Timely Receipts.


    Hope the information is useful




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      Nouman hakeem
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      Hi Swetha,


      Yes i do understand that i had previously not maintained any of the settings within Global Parameters or Product Parametrs.


      The scenario is for a Cable Company, and according to SAP Fact Book Planning will terminate immediately if we try to combine any other planning Heuristics with LPP Heuristics. After doing the settings still there is no relevent pegging between the S.O and Plnd Orders.


      Please suggest if there is any work around by which the system atoumatically fixes the Pegging between the requirements and receipts.


      In addition please advice if the settings are necessary for establishing fixed pegging between requirements and receipts.


      Thanks & regards,


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        GIG SL
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        Hi Nouman,

        Pls see the following info from SAP regarding pegging of Sales Order.   

        Sales orders are only relevant for pegging when you do not plan in SAP R/3 using the requirements strategy 10 (make-to-stock production). In this strategy the system does not offset sales orders with planned independent requirements. In order that the requirements are not taken into account twice, the system only uses the planned independent requirements for pegging.

        With sales orders, only the confirmed quantities are involved in pegging.




        1.     The system creates fixed pegging relationships according to the method specified in the Heuristic Settings.

        • ¡If you have selected dynamic pegging, the system creates fixed pegging relationships for the existing dynamic pegging relationships in the pegging horizon.



        So, pls check whether you have selected ‘Dynamic pegging’ then unless the Pegging relationship are existing in the first place  -- system will not create new pegging relationships.