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The report has no tables

Matthew Holtz
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I have a report that works great on my development machine.  When I publish it to the server I get a "The report has no tables" error.  The report connects to a sql server table for design, then at runtime I set the data source from a datatable like this:




I have checked and the datatable does contain data.  Could this be a permissions issue?  I have the apppool running as a user that has permission to the database.


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    Don Williams
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    Hi Matthew,


    Need to know what version of .NET and CR you are using?


    You are likely correct, If CR can't find or doesn't have access to the data it will auto map the fields and delete what it can't match. In this case none match because it can't connect.


    Could be platform also, 32 or 64 bit app and AppPool, what is IIS running under?


    How you connect to get data into your dataset CR doesn't care so it is likely somewhere between the DataSet and CR the access is being denied. Could be CR Driver or possibly the WEB.Config file.


    Make sure the app is loading the correct WEB.Config file from your app folder and not the default one that sometimes happens.


    Process Monitor can help debug where everything is being loaded from also. Could even be that you are not deploying the correct CR runtime MSI, we don't support simply copying over the runtime, must be installed using the MSI or Merge Modules.


    Searching this forum has a lot of info also on how to.