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RFID without Auto ID Infrastructure

Shubham Agarwal
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Hello experts,

I am having normal R/3 server and was working fine as per the business needs.

Now we want RFID to be installed (Write and read RFID tags). Is it possible to implement RFID scenario in normal R/3 module. I heard about some middle ware softwares for this purpose.

As I am new to RFID , I am going through documents related to RFID and came to know that  Auto-ID infrastructure uses sequential number range to be written in RFID tags but we don't want sequential number range.

Is there any way out to implement RFID in normal R/3.



Please help.

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    Doug Steckel
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    Hi Shubham,


    I have been going through the exact same search. In our case we are well on our way with design but some processes would prefer to integrate directly to ECC and update OER as needed. In this case AII is just a pass through and the update to OER iss what we really want. In such cases people are wondering why exactly we would need AII? Please let me know what you have found and anyone else please contribute to the "Why do you need AII" elevator speech I'll start below. Again this could read, "why not talk to ECC and just update OER".



    • EPC Compliance - Out of box parcing of GRAI tags, etc.
    • Site Level Deployments an option.
    • Tag Commissioning? - How would this be handled without AII?
    • Fixed Readers - Out of Box Device Controller Interface
    • Support for Multilevel Hierarchies - As I understand it handling units are supported in ECC but significant work would be needed to update OER with status changes from ECC.
    • Configurable Rules in AII - The rules configured in AII are by Command/Location/Action, Type etc. Against ECC rules are essentially hard coded and defined by the RFC's called in ECC. AII has a configurable set of activities defined by multiple rules.
    • Out of box reporting
    • Observation history.


    Please anyone update this list. If you have requirements where the need for AII was questioned and experience integrating ECC and OER and without AII please respond.