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Runtime error while creating order in B2B Webshop

Dharmi Tanna
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After selecting the requried products from the product catalog, while trying to "order", I am getting a Run time error on IE, only for our Italian Webshop.


The Error on IE:

Expected ")"

URL: http://<server>:<port>/b2b/b2b/showsimulation.do


On checking the NWA:

There is no mention of the above error, but list of warnings and other alert errors:

1.  Errors:

-  Connection [xxxxx] is NOT removed! To see all opened connections on the server nodes change logging severity to DEBUG.

-  Business Object Manager Type null unknown.


-  Error occcurred in EAI layer "current parameters: [client]='null' [user]='null' [language]='null' [ashost]='null' [systemnumber]='null' [mshost]='null' [gwhost]='null' [gwserv]='null' [group]='null' [systemid]='null'  Properties: {lang=IT, passwd=?, sysnr=00, jco.client.mysapsso2=AjExMDA........


2. Warning:

- Serious problem occurred, Additional information {1}

- Invalid Status - "Deletepending" for index 4fghgjhgjhkj......., (catalog key : XXXXXXXXX)


I came across the similar thread here in SDN, and according to it deactivating IPC would help. We do not use IPC at all, just the list price. We are also not using SAP CRM but SAP R/3 instead.


Can somebody kindly help?


Many thanks,