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Unable to Activate JVA

help me
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I am unable to activate JVA in my client. Please see my steps below



Activate JVA.jpg

I get the error message below




Corporate venture and corporate equity group must be maintained



     Message no. G4051




     You tried to activate a company code that is not fully configured yet.

     Corporate venture and corporate equity group are required information

     for companies using the joint venture functionality.




     Add a corporate venture and a corporate equity group in the global

     parameters of the company


I tried to add the corporate venture details but I can't until I create a Joint Venture


corporate data.jpg

When I tried to create a Join Venture, It gave me an error message that Join Venture Accounting needs to be activated.




Joint Venture Accounting Is not Active for Company Code SA07



     Message no. GJ200




     The company code has not been set up for Joint Venture Accounting.


System Response


     The JVA functionalities are not active.




     Set up the company code for Joint Venture Accounting by using the

     customizing functionalty for financial accounting / bookkeeping.



Please Help